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With international audiences and artists alike gravitating towards Moonchild Sanelly’s multifaceted yet minimalist sound, it’s not difficult to see why her performances have made her a go-to for Pan-African social, sexual commentary verses. Known for her unapologetically outspoken nature, alongside her patented blue hair, there is no one better to look to for lessons on how to find, claim and retain your voice than the fiercely-feminine, South African songwriter.

Moonchild Sanelly joins us on Monday 29th 7pm GMT for a live, interactive Q&A session on the virtual stage. Sign up for free HERE.

1 — Be authentically you. Moonchild Sanelly…

The live music industry continues to exist in name only. The end of lockdown is still uncertain and the effects on the industry have been immense. The assumption was that this stagnation would have been mirrored by the music itself. No clubs, no music. That was the prediction.

But 10 months into restrictions which have banned all but a handful of sit-down events, dance music is still with us, if only through Bluetooth speakers and Twitch streams.

Bicep are set to have their new album Isles take the number one spot on the UK album charts this weekend — one…

Last week we had the pleasure of inviting Eats Everything onto the Virtuoso stage for an hour-long DJ workshop. Here are 4 stand-out moments from the session that got us inspired.

4. Doesn’t matter if they’re good or they’re bad

“Make as many tunes as you can. Finish as many tunes as you can. Don’t just procrastinate on a loop and just sit there. I do it all the time, sat there for hours just listening to the same loop and just adding to it. Make tunes. Finish them. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad. Just finish them…

With January in full swing, we all want to take on 2021 with a fresh optimism and energy. With this in mind, here are some simple yet often-overlooked pieces of insight for producers, DJs and musicians looking to take their music to the next level this year. Each of these tips is taken from our 6 week Artist Development course, designed to unleash aspiring artists and led by top experts from the music industry.

1. Assess your foundational beliefs. Over the course of our lives we will absorb the value judgements and statements of those around us. Often these are…

FutureDJs is partnering with Manchester Metropolitan University on 28th November for a live event in the Virtuoso classroom. This will be a celebration of the Roland TR-808 drum machine and its continuing impact on music. The event will consist of a panel discussion on 80s and 90s club culture, as well as a demonstration of the TR-08 (the modern successor to the TR-808) by Virtuoso music tutors. Read on to find out how you could win a TR-08!

The TR-08, a compact modern successor to the legendary TR-808

Despite being released 40 years ago, sounds of the TR-808 can still be heard in music today. The most obvious of these…


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